Non-Destructive Testing Methods for the Inspection of Equipments and Oil Pipelines

    The Petrobras has several equipments, pipelines and structures working under hostile environmental conditions. From the correct operation of these installations depend human beings, the security of the equipments, and the prevention of economic damages.

    The inspection of these installations with the use of non-destructive testing methods has a fundamental importance in the evaluation and prevention of problems, such that efforts have been concentrated to enhance and automatize the techniques utilized for the obtaining of those diagnostics.

    This project consists on the developing of a integrated modular system (software and hardware) for the acquisition and processing of signals generated from non-destructive testing methods with the purpose of automatize the generation of diagnostics of the conditions of pipelines, cables and equipments. These testing methods can be generated from any of the usual non-destructive testing techniques: ultrasound, magnetic particle, eddy currents, visual inspections, among others.